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While threading has its advantages, on larger parts of the body , Waxing is recommended. Waxing at Seema Beauty Salon, is done with our own custom made organic wax ( no chemicals ) and is environment friendly .It is practically "no mess" at all to cleanup, because its completely water soluble. Its soo Organic that you could eat it  :) Ofcourse...its not recommended.

Waxing can be done on arms, legs, arm pits, bikini line, back, stomach, chest, and on face too.



Full Arms Waxing

30 - 35

Half Arms Waxing / 3/4 arm

25 /28

Full Legs Waxing 

40 - 45

Half Legs Waxing / 3/4 leg wax

30 /38

Under Arms Waxing


Full Back Waxing
Full Back Waxing (men)


Half Back Waxing


Full Front Waxing
Full Front Waxing (men)

40- 50

Half Front Waxing


Bikini Line Waxing / Butt waxing

20 /20

Brazilian Bikini Waxing 

50 - 60

FullFace Wax Sunnyvale Deal Price   $40
FullFace Wax Sunnyvale Deal Price   $38


Chin Waxing  


Sideburns Waxing  


Sideburns+ Cheek Waxing


Neck Waxing (Front)
Back of Neck Waxing (hair line)

15 - 20

Eyebrow Waxing 

16 - 18

Upper lip Waxing 


  * make sure that you do not apply any lotion on the area to be waxed  before your waxing appointment .

Some of the advantages of waxing are:
  • Removes almost 80-90% hair from the root.
  • It makes your skin silky smooth.
  • Removes dead skin cells.
  • Re-growing hair are softer and sparse, hence hair removal is easier each time.
  • We recommend waxing spaced between  4 to 6 weeks.

“To make an appointment please call us at
 408-244-6009 (Sunnyvale) and 408-935-8000(Milpitas)
email at
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