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Hair Services

­Hair Cuts



Kid's Hair Cut(below 7yrs)

15 - 20

Hair Cut (Straight / U)

20.00 & UP

Step / Layered Cut

30.00 & UP

Men's Hair Cut 

17.00 & UP

Kids Mundan / On Site

41 /  101

Wash/ Blast Dry/ 
/ Blowdry  

15 / 15
35 &UP

Shampoo & Hair Cut

40.00 & UP

Shampoo & Blow Dry

25.00 & UP

Shampoo +Hair Cut +blowdry Style   

60.00 & UP

Temporary hair straightening

35.00 & UP

Hair Spa /Deep Conditioning treatment

30.00 & UP


Hair Color

We use professional product's by Wella and/or Miss Clairol for Hair Coloring ,other brands available on special requests..



 Regular Color Touch up /
Full color 

Color 4 Men/ Henna short hair

T-up with your color 

50 & up/ 80 & UP

30 - 35 


Ammonia Free Color  CHI
Touch up 

Full Hair/ Color Change


100 & up

Hilites Cap/Foil          


Long Hair Hi-lites   

75 / 90 &UP

130 -150

175 & UP



We at Seema Beauty Salon, use Indian traditional herbs from henna plants, to color/condition the hair. Herbal henna gives ONLY, red color to the hair, blending the grey hair to the natural dark hair, giving it a hi-lighted effect. Some people also get it done to condition and bring extra shine and luster to their natural color.



Touch up  


Henna Wash Off

25.00   & UP

Complete Hair

   45 & UP

Indeigo Henna

50 .00    & UP


Hair Straightening – Japanese Style.

Also known as Thermal Reconditioning, for which we use the latest technology, from Japan called I-Straight which makes any kind of hair, be it curly, wavy or frizzy, slick smooth straight, making it look healthy. And the best part is, it does not damage your hair unlike other straightening lotions. It takes about 4 hours for the whole process.



Temporary Straightening

40.00 & Up

Shampoo + Temp. Straightening

50.00 & UP

Permanent Straightening

350 & UP


Hair Perm

Hair perm is an art to wave or curl straight hair. It dates back to as early as  Egyptian and Roman civilizaton, where women would use mixture of soil and water in their hair, wrap it on wooden rollers and then bake it under Sun, in an attempt for a perm. Off-course the results were not permanent :).

Some of the advantages are:

  • Gives volume and fullness to fine hair textures.

  • Gives greater control in styling, hard to manage naturally course straight hair.



Spiral Perm

90.00 & UP

Long Hair Perm

120.00 & UP

Body Wave      

75.00 & UP


Head Massage

We, at Seema Beauty Salon use, various oils, blended and warmed together, for Head Massage, which stimulates the scalp, in turn soothes and relaxes you, of your daily tensions. While It stimulates new hair growth, it also keeps the dandruff away.



Head Massage
Deep Conditioning/Hair Spa

30 & UP
30 & UP

Head Wash after oil massage


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